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On Health Care

Good article from the Washington Post on health care in other countries. (thanks Phil and Marie via Facebook) I think the innate advantage of capitalism breaks down when it comes to health care. For several reasons. The troubling paradox with medical care is best explained as the following exaggeration : “The medical/pharma/health care industry is the only one who’s ultimate goal is to put itself out of business.”

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Diablo 3 Designer Lets His 9yr Old Play

I think this is a very sensible article on video game violence.  I’m sure that the fact that this young girl was playing an M rated game at such a young age isn’t going to affect her in the slightest.  Except to draw the attention of alert Wired reporters.  This is a prime example of the parent being familiar with the content of the game (well, we hope so!), and having a good understanding of his child’s maturity level.  This is what parenting is all about.  Making informed decisions, not shielding them from the horrible reality of…. reality.

Also, after reading the part where he mentions they will have some parental controls to change/turn off the gore and blood, I have a request. I’d love to see a “G” switch to turn all the blood and gore into glittery stars and rainbows, cuz that would be goddamn hilarious.

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Whirlwind Schedule

So even though I got back to Phoenix on Tuesday, this is the first opportunity I’ve really had to sit down and write.  The rest of the time I’ve spent catching up on email, projects, LSG, and…. waffles.

The project in New York was great, and we learned some more things.  At first glance we, when we arrived in Glenns Falls, we where uncertain how mentally unstable someone would have to be to start a LAN center of any appreciable size in a town of only 10,000 people.  However after working on-site for 2 days and witnessing the amount of casual interest by passers-by, not to mention the attention from local media, I have high hopes.  Read the rest of this entry »

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A Week in LA

So last Monday I drove out to LA. I went there to meet Jeff and Charlie from Mythlogic to install a Game Center in UCLA’s Student Union building.  It went great.  All the shipped hardware made it there and worked (we had backups though).  All the software started up and the few minor bugs that cropped up where easily fixed.

This is huge.  We didn’t really realize how huge until we had been there a day or two and had been talking to our contact, and his boss, and his boss’s boss, and other people involved in running one of the biggest schools in the country.  Even though I’ve only been involved in the last few months, this has been a 2+ year project trying to find the right person to talk to, and sell them on the idea of a GC inside of a college campus.  We’ve already done one, but this is UCLA. Their reputation is far reaching and carries a lot of weight.

We know all of our stuff works beautifully, and we intend to give them every ounce of help we can to make it run.  Because once it’s been running a few months, and the concept is proven, other schools are going to start being intereted in similar projects.  And we are the ONLY company that does what we do.  The only other places that could even concievebly be called our competition don’t even hold a candle to the kind of magic we weave.

I’m excited. This could lead to really really huge things.

And now I’m back home for 1 day and some change, and tomorrow I fly out to NY to do another install at a new LAN Center out there.  And then fly from NY to Boise, give my bro a big hug, and then go camping above 8000 feet and flush all the bits of internets off me.

AZ State Considering Mortaging Buildings

They don’t refer to it as mortaging, because they’re not getting a mortgage from a bank, but that’s essentially what it is.  The AZ State government is apparently so hard-up for money, they’re considering selling ownership of some state buildings in order to raise funds.

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