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District 9 is Xenophobic

First off, the title amuses me, as I think that’s kind of the point of the film. Looking at racism in a different light by using aliens, it’s a classic scifi storytelling tool.

It all boils down, as usual, to people needing to just relax and not over-analyze everything.  This perceived proclimation that Nigerians are inferior could be applied to anyone by setting the film somewhere else in the world. The point is not that Nigerians are willing to do disgusting things, it’s that desperate people do desperate things, for any number of reasons.  Nigeria is just where the storytellers chose to set the story.

Want to help stop racism? Stop looking everywhere for reasons to be offended, or to say that someone else might be offended.

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Smartlaunch Skins

Posted the Aion one last week, and just now uploaded the Heroes of Newerth skins. You can find them here and here, respectivly.

Also working on some submissions for the SL5 reskinning contest (, I’ve already finished one, got a few more ideas that I should be able to prototype out before the deadline.

Super Mario Item Abuse

A custom Super Mario World game, which after watching this video, has now caused my inner geek to retreat into a small corner and weep uncontrollably at the mere thought of trying to beat this game.

*makes finger-lip bibbling motions*

Course it would be more impressive if it had actually been played in real-time.  Although this sort of thing is kind of an art form in and of itself.  For those who don’t know, this kind of thing is done with custom and normal games using an emulator and some FPS manipulation tools to create a Tool Assisted Speedrun (TAS).  There’s more videos like this around Youtube, but this one is particularly cool.

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