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Dungeons & Dragons Online Goes F2P

I’ve been waiting for some major MMO to try this shift. ┬áThere are already more free-2-play MMO’s than you can shake a stick at, but the vast majority where all built that way from the beginning, using a specific strategy that’s already been proven for the most part.

DDO is the first MMO that I’m aware of that has shifted from the traditional western design of $15/month to F2P. And reports thus far are that it’s a resounding success, at least initially.

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Smartlaunch 5 Skin Contest

Didn’t win the contest, but I had fun anyway. I came up with a couple quick designs for fun, and hoped to win, but I was outclassed. The guys over at did a great design that looks very elegant and easy to use.

Here’s the contest page with the winning entry :