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Phat Loot and Neurotransmitters in WoW

Cool blog on brain chemistry and how it reacts to getting “loot” in WoW. ¬† Very cool blog, has some other interesting articles on gaming and psychology as well.

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Enhanced Airline Restrictions

This is just getting stupid.
If our reaction to each accidental plane crash was the same as each attempted or successful act of terrorism, we would be taking each plane out and intimately inspecting every nut and bolt after every single flight. Both kinds of death are in theory preventable. What people must accept is that flying, like life, is never going to be 100% safe.

The overzealous application of manpower and resources being made to the prevention of terrorism is annoying passengers and hurting the airline industry.  Once the DOT finishes its anticipated highspeed rail system, airlines will start seeing an even more massive hit, especially in the Eastern corridor.

New Smartlaunch Skin

A holiday skin is up in the Smartlaunch Skin section for those who want to be a little festive this season. I tried to make it non-holiday-specific, so it should fit for everyone. I gave this one some special attention, as this is the first one I’m going to sell. It’s $20, which I think is petty decent. I normally charge over $100 for a custom skin if someone wants something specific.
Check it out here!
I also changed my WP theme, as the other was badly formatted in sections, and this one handles dropdown menus.
I still intend to put up new free skins, but I thought I’d give this a go to try and pull in some holiday spending money. Let me know what you think!

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