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Crayola’s Law

This was pretty relevant to my interests.

Crayola’s Law : “The number of colors doubles every 28 years”   Includes a spiffy timeline showing the addition of new colors to the box of crayons over the years.

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Skin Theme Survey

Help decide what skin I should do next! Vote in the poll below for your favorite game, or suggest one in the comments. You can select up to 3 different options if you like.

What should be the theme for my next Smartlaunch skin?

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New Skin – Modern Warfare 2

I really proud of this one. This is a Modern Warfare 2 themed skin that mimics the main menu of the game.  This is the first skin that I’ve done that has broken the base mold and rearranged the menus in a different orientation, and transposed a lot of the layout.  I like the way it turned out.


Note that this is a premium skin, it is not free. ($19US)
It also requires 1280×1024 or higher (shouldn’t be an issue for most of you).

If anyone has any feedback or questions, please leave a comment!

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Downloader Bug

There appears to be an issue with the download script for the SL skins, which I am working to resolve right now. I’ll update this entry when I’ve got it fixed. Hang in tight!

All the downloads appear to be working now, the invalid URL has been corrected. Leave a comment if you’re still having trouble!

Site Update

Anyone who’s returning to the site recently will notice some changes. If it’s been a while since you’ve checked on the skins, you’ll notice that you now have to register to download them. Fret not! Registration is free, takes less than a minute, and I promise not to sell your email to the Russian spambots.

I also do not intend to start charging for any of the skins that are currently free. All the free skins will always remain free, and I will keep adding new free ones in addition to nicer ones that I will charge for. If you have any issues downloading either the free or premium skins please let me know.

If you have a suggestion for a skin, also let me know! If you’d like a special custom job specific to your store, I can do that too! (for a fee)

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