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New Skin – Star Trek LCARS

Added a new skin, and I made a short video for this one too. I hope to do this for all the new skins, and hopefully go back and do some of the old ones, especially the paid ones.

Download the new skin here

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Bioshock 2 Skin Added

So this time the skin is out before the game came out, unlike the Modern Warfare 2 skin. So hopefully more people find this one useful. I’ve got another skin that should be out this week as well, it’s almost done. I won’t spoil the surprise yet though. Here’s the Bioshock 2 skin details :

Bioshock 2
Bioshock 2
Minimum Resolution : 1024×786
Max Resolution : 1920×1080
Widescreen support : Yes
Sound replacement : Yes
Flash10 Scale Fix : Yes

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