Since working at Menlo Innovations, I’ve had the opportunity to greatly increase my programming skills, especially in Java.  As a result, I’ve spent weekends tinkering with new programming projects.  One of the things that has resulted from this is a little program that takes no user interaction, it just simulates a bunch of polygon “creatures” as they live, grow, reproduce, and die in a simulated world.  I was inspired by the classic “Game of Life“, and decided to make a life simulator.  I chose to make mine a little more complex, and it has some very basic natural selection and mutation added.

Here’s a screenshot:

Pretty happy with it so far. There is a separate thread for the FX, creatures, food bits (green), and the collision detection.  Each thread draws screen frames independently, which are then composited together to make the final frame for display.  Future plans are to make a wider variety of behaviors that the creatures can express depending on their individual “genetics”.  I also hope to add some more things to give this simple world of lines seem a little more depth.

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