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Voxel Update : Terrain and Lighting

After a lot of trial and error and googling, I managed to get directional and point light shaders set up.  Somewhat simpler, implemented a Perlin Noise terrain generation algorithm. Next step, add some entities!voxelgame02

New Project : Voxel Game

I have spent a number of hours in the past few months learning the ins and outs of OpenGL via LWJGL.  It’s not as straightforward as drawing things to a Swing canvas, but it is magnitudes faster.


After I spent some effort redesigning my Silicon Life game for OpenGL, I decided to start on a voxel-based game.  I hope to make it an RTS, rather than a RPG or Minecraft clone.  So far I have the basic engine established, including VAO rendering of voxels, and grouping voxels into chunks for better handling.  The chunk rebuilding is multithreaded so as not to tie up the main thread when a lot of voxels change at the same time (which I anticipate).

Further optimizations include consolidating quads where possible to decrease the amount of data in GPU memory, but for now I’m pretty happy with the speed of it.