An amusing bug occured today when I somehow linked the main shader to the UI system by accident, resulting in this:

In other news, the entire Entity system is now XML driven.  Entities, their behaviors, polymodels, allowed actions, and statistics are now loaded from an XML file when the main game state engages.  It’s made the code a lot cleaner, and will make it very easy to generate new units and scenarios.  The XML currently doesn’t handle the world setup except for determining the size of the terrain, but I plan to add that.  I’ve also added some actual models beyond simple spheres/cylinders, but they’re still pretty simple.

I’ve attempted to introduce Frustrum Culling, but my algebra is still a bit rusty and it usually ends up culling the entire world out, instead of just the things outside the Frustrum.  The game also now has a win condition! If all the non-player Entities are eliminated, then a popup shows up saying you’ve won.

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