I’m a 20-somthing geek living in various parts of the Phoenix metro area.  This blog is for me to share links to interesting news developments in the gaming and technological fields.  And to occasionaly share my introspection on those and various other subjects.

I love games. I have operated (and now own) various LAN Gaming Centers in the Phoenix area since 2003.  I profess to be biased towards PC games, as I did not have any consoles growing up, but I did have a PC.  I like console games too, but I love PCs more.  I have an affinity for MMORPGs, and I’m enjoying watching that genre evolve. I have played 10Six, City of Heroes, World of Warcraft, EVE Online, Warhammer Online, and tested numerous others.

I love technology and science. Most of Jr.High you would find me in the school library during lunch reading books on cosmology and biology and things like that.  High School was spent mostly in the computer lab (ahh, the days of 486’s).

My formal education is in 3D Animation, I have a AOS from Collins College.  I enjoyed learning it, but in retrospect I would have been better served by going to a 4yr school and majoring in Computer Science or something similar.  At least going to school got me out of my parent’s house and forced me into “the real world”. So for that I’m glad.

I am currently part owner of LAN Speed Games in Peoria AZ, and am also part of Dream Game Center Services, which builds and services LAN Centers across the US.  I enjoy both immensely, as they require me to employ an extensive set of skills from web design, programming, diagnostics, customer service, marketing, graphic design, and 1337 gaming skill (well, sometimes).

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