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Diablo 3 Skin Added

Diablo 3 is finally done! Been working on this one for awhile, but really glad I got it out before the game released! It’s got custom sounds too!

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Diablo 3 Designer Lets His 9yr Old Play

I think this is a very sensible article on video game violence.  I’m sure that the fact that this young girl was playing an M rated game at such a young age isn’t going to affect her in the slightest.  Except to draw the attention of alert Wired reporters.  This is a prime example of the parent being familiar with the content of the game (well, we hope so!), and having a good understanding of his child’s maturity level.  This is what parenting is all about.  Making informed decisions, not shielding them from the horrible reality of…. reality.

Also, after reading the part where he mentions they will have some parental controls to change/turn off the gore and blood, I have a request. I’d love to see a “G” switch to turn all the blood and gore into glittery stars and rainbows, cuz that would be goddamn hilarious.

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